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LT230 Front Output Housing

Mo Murphy

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Can it be removed in situ like the rear output / speedo drive housing or do you need to drop the transfer box and dismantle it entirely ?

I need to replace the gasket or more likely fit a gasket as it's peeing out oil.

When I removed the rear output housing I found it didn't have a gasket, just a smear of blue hylomar and so I suspect the front is the same.



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It certainly won't come right off unless you take out the high/lo selector fork & difflock selector.

From memory i think that can be done by removing the 2 selector covers (see the LT230 overhaul manual)

It should be possible on the vehicle if the tunnel/floor is removed.

IIRC the later service procedure is to omit the gaskets & use silicon.

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Just tried it Mo. The transfer case was already off the vehicle, so linkages etc were already disconnected. Take the top cover off (6x13mm head bolts), the diff lock switch, and then the bolts that hold the end casing to the main body of the transfer box.




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