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Subtle dig at 4x4's by the BBC.

Pete Attryde

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interesting article, however i would appreciate it if you could indicate what editorial reason there is for including a photograph of a line of brand new cars under the heading of "Speeding is implicated in 82% of all road accidents" ? I fail to see the link. Further the fact they are all four wheel drive will surely suggest to the more impressionable reader that the BBC is suggesting that many of these accidents are caused by drivers of this type of vehicle speeding yet this is not suggested anywhere else in your article. It seems a shame that an otherwise good article has been cheapened by what could be taken as another cheap shot at four wheel drive vehicles.

I look forward to your early reply


Toby Knight

have just emailed this off to aunty beeb

now to see if i get any response

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Guest diesel_jim

And people wonder why I was an arsey git the other day when i suggested that i'd like someone to ask me to help them in my "4x4" during the floods etc.

I then said that it wouldn't be long before a politician or some smart arse on TV twisted the knife in a bit further.

i rest my case! :D:D:lol::lol:

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Lets see what they add?

this was my response:

Where does this evidence come from?

"Designed by Professor Frank McKenna, a leading expert in driver behaviour, the programme is all about getting drivers to reassess their own habits and understand that speed is to blame for 28% of the 3,172 deaths on British roads last year."

The Traffic Research Laboratory (which provides the Goverment with figures)can only estemate as the Police information does contain speeding as a cause only excesive speed which is not the same at all.

The best guess that the TRL came up with was around 2% yes TWO% of RTA deaths were caused by speeding.

this was in the national press so it must be true :D

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