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28 wheel drive.


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Guest diesel_jim

Typical BBC.... they "big up" a 28x28, but comletely put down a miserly 4x4

and how much did this cost compared to a 110? :rolleyes:

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that's only a heavy haul remote transporter, nothing new, all hydraulic steering & drive, 1 man has the control unit on a umbilical cable.

made by Scheuerle


Chilean transport job

SCHEUERLE Fahrzeugfabrik has received an order from the ESO (European Southern Observatory) to supply two special vehicles for the transport of radio antennae for one of its facilities in Chile. The ESO, which has its head office in Garching near Munich/Germany, is an intergovernmental European organization for astronomical research and has eleven member countries.

Not only will the two special transporters be working in an unusual environment but the tasks involved are also something out of the ordinary: the ALMA ground-based astronomy project will be located on the 5,000m high Llano de Chajnantor site in the Atacama Desert of Northern Chile. The new radio antenna park will eventually consist of 64 individual antenna facilities each weighing around 110 tons which are placed on 250 specially prepared foundations with every antenna assembled in a different operating position.

The tasks of both special vehicles will initially be to transport the antennas from the project´s central service station, located at a height of 2,900 metres, to the operational site on a high plateau at a height 5,000 metres. Once there, each antenna has to be manoeuvred very accurately into its specified position.

A further task in the future will be transporting the antennas for regular maintenance work to and from the central service station. This involves a journey of around 28 kilometres through mountainous terrain with a 7% gradient to overcome.

The technical challenge for the SCHEUERLE transporters lies in the extreme height which reduces the efficiency of the diesel engines by nearly 50 %. For humans, it is normally only possible to work with additional oxygen supply at this height. Nevertheless, in order to bring the gigantic 110 tons of heavy antenna systems safely to their place of work, each vehicle is equipped with two 500 KW strong diesel engines, which together have a performance of around 1,000 kw or 1,340 hp. With a total width of 10 metres, a height of 4.5 metres and a length of about 16 metres, the dimensions of the two vehicles also belong in the realms of the superlative.

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