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spring stiffness


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So I recently put a +2" lift in the 110. It's more like 2 1/2 inches at the back, and was pretty stiff.

After offroading last weekend, and subsequently driving on some very bumpy C roads, the back was rock hard and really horrible. So much so, that I resigned myself to changing the rear springs to something softer.

Now, after offroading yesterday, it seems to be better than it was. :huh: i.e back to 'normal' stiffness.

Is there something that could have happened on the first day out that made the setup stiffer that was somehow fixed by the second day out?? :blink: :blink:

I noticed today that the anti-roll bar ball joints had reversed themselves and bent the chassis brackets. I've now removed it.

The self-leveller is still fitted but I'm pretty sure that's dead.

Am I going mad and imagining things?

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the anti-roll bar flipping it's link wouldn't have helped, get that Boge strut off next, even if it's dead it won't be doing the springs any favours.

Well it looks like the strut was seized.

Once removed the ride is much improved and the rear ride height is down by 1/4 inch. I can actually feel the rear suspension working now :)

Cheers Ralph - right as usual. :lol:

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