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D2 Plastic Wheel Arch Moldings


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Hi All,

The plastic wheel arch mouldings on my 2001 White Gold D2 are starting to change colour where they meet the bodywork to the colour of the body. It's like the sun is starting to bleach them but it's too uniform to be a natural event caused by the sun.

Has anyone else had this problem please or does anyone have any ideas as to how I can treat the problem.

I realise that there are products like bumper black but so far I have not tried any product to change the colour back to white.

Hope someone can help.

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Peel them off and change them is probably the easiest. They do come off as they are just stuck on with a sort of double sided tape stuff. I have tried all the bumper black stuff and it doesn't really work, the best ones will bring back the black for about a month or so but it soon goes again.

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Don't think so, somebody here ordered a set of the full wheelarch covers to put on in place of the little "spats" that fit just at the rear of the arches on base models, and I am pretty sure when I looked at them they were just stick on, though it was a while ago now :unsure:

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