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Indicator woes

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Indicators went phut on Saturday but in a very odd way. I think it suggests replacement stalk switch needed but perhaps you guys might see otherwise.

With sidelights on all works exactly as expected - so provided it doesn't get too dark I am semi-legal!

With dipped headlights on the main beam indicator light comes on the dash and also the indicator light as permanent. The offside front and back indicators stay orange but do not flash. The offside dipped beam is absent. Indicator switch does nothing.

With full headlights on the dashboard stays as it is but the green indicator light is less bright. The rear offside indicator is low glow but the front offside is off. The offside main beam glows very gently.

Clearly I need to sort since the evenings are drawing in so any helpful pointers would be really useful. So far "friends" have suggested an earth problem, a short (which seems more likely since feed going all over the place) or a voltage regulator issue. I still have a thought it is the indicator switch but have not yet worked out how to get at it.

Anyway any thoughts most welcome



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to get at the indicator stalk,

1 remove the steering wheel, gives better access & not having to work around it helps

2 undo the 7 screws that hold the column covers on [do this from under the cover/column, philips type heads on screws ]

3 ease the rubber covers of the 4 switches from the column covers

4 remove the column covers

5 now you should be able to see a whole bunch of pretty coloured wires, check for breaks/shorts/melting.

rebuild in reverse order

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Sounds like an internal short within the main switches.

This may sound a little strange also check your hazard rocker switch, I had various intermittent faults with the indicators which seemed to be affected by the position of the lighting stalk.

Replace the hazard switch with a Lucas part and all returned to normal, very odd.

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Thanks for guide. Sounds like my thinking may be right but will also look at the hazard switch. Think this will now be tomorrow evening's job.

Depending upon what I find presumably an indicator switch replacement may be needed. Hope there is not too much of a mess to find!!


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OK. Got wheel and covers off and after clearing out accumulated dust and hay seeds the wiring looks to me as if it is OK. I have attached images incase I am wrong!

Have checked back of hazard rocker and it looks OK.

How do I check if it is the actual switch contacts themselves? I confess to being a little nervous randomly undoing bolts in this area!



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Hi Nic

Do have a multi meter and also wiring diagram from Haynes which I think covers the 1991 that I have. Hadn't thought of that I must admit. Hoped to see charred bakelite or some such other that would identify bit to be replaced. Guess nothing so simple.

I have now put back together again since running out of time.

Am becoming minded to book it in to local indie lr place here in Edinburgh since I think I am getting close to being out of my depth and do not like idea of being caught without proper lights.

I still think there is something shorting somewhere since the lighting is consistent but follows peverse logic with lights coming on when not expected, others being OK at times and at others very dim or non existent. The only place I can see where indicators, sidelights, dipped beam and main beam come close together is in that switch area.

It feels time to get the cheque book out I fear.

Thanks for the help though

Best wishes


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Just to update - all now fixed thanks to local LR indie (Whites Auto).

The indicator switch needed replaced which sorted the indicator problem but there was a subsidiary problem with cables to NS headlamp where wires had chafed and shorted. So it was two problems - which is probably why I got so perplexed by it.

Good and friendly service and problem fixed relatively economically so happy :) all round.

Thanks to everyone for their help on this one. It was much appreciated

Now onto the next things to sort ....


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