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Bitsa PTO/H14 vapour-install - thoughts?


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OK, due to various adventures on eBay I find myself with the following leftovers:

- An H14W winch in a rather crusty Defender bumper

- A Fairey 525 winch

- A complete hydraulic drive setup for it (pump, motor, valves, etc.) but no PTO unit

- An LT230 drop-pto for shaft-drive (but no shafts)

Now this pile is probably not worth a whole lot (PM me if it is and we can agree a price :P ) so I have been thinking about putting it to use. The restriction is that I don't have any spare cash to spend on the setup.

Sticking an H14W on the back of the 109 would just be overkill, not to mention eat into the loadspace a tad. The 525 would be a PITA to mount as it's designed (it seems) to sit on the front bumper of a defender.

So - that leaves me with Dad's '87 Range Rover V8 Auto which is currently winchless. I reckon the H14 would attach to the front reasonably well, which then leaves me with the problem of driving it;

Shaft drive would be a PITA, and since father can't be relied upon to check the oil never mind crawl about greasing UJ's it wouldn't last long.

Hydro drive would seem a better option - my thoughts are to clock the PTO round so it's pointing over the top of the LT230 and create a bracket to attach the pump to. The alternative is to either crank-drive the pump or swap the PAS pump for something bigger - but I'm not sure that would work out cheaply or easily.

Since I've not thought any of this through, does anyone have any ideas/suggestions/observations?

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Why not fit the PTO to the 109, fit one of the winches to the front of the 109 and simply use shaft drive? Rangie steering U/js will suffice, and I'm sure you can find a suitable bit of bar kicking around the lab for the shafts, so that'll only leave you needing to sort out a centre bearing...........


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