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dico rock sliders


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i have the disco rock/tree sliders on my 96 disco from discoparts, they are pretty well made and he even welded on some extra 'nubbins' underneath for my jack to sit in cause the rock slider bit blocks off the round voids he puts in for the jack adapter.

however a couple of his fixing holes needed altering/moving because the door gets in the way of the drill <_< .

And i also think these should have some sort of brace welding on off the actual chasis cause when you jack up off them(because the jack isn't being inserted in and through the sill it actually sits under the outer slider section) the whole sill flexes thus the doors will not open (when you reach in for the wheel brace!) as i found out to great frustration :angry:

anyone else had this problem with these? you must have had to weld a brace in?? DAMN must learn to weld fast!! :unsure:


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