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Vented Discs - opinions sort

Tom A

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I've been offered some vented discs & calipers to fit to my 90; the vehicle is used for some heavy towing so I am tempted. However, I am concerned about use off road - is there a problem with the vented disc filling up with mud/clay? My thoughts being that if this is a problem a vented disc is probably worse than a solid one; mud not being a well known conductor of heat!

Your opinions and experience would be appreciated,


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Guest diesel_jim

Had vented on my last 3 or 4 90's and 110's, never caused a problem.

yes, they will probablky bung up with mud, but whenever i've crawled under mine to do any work, they've always been clear, so i can only assume if they did bung up, once the disc got hot, it dried out the mud, which contracted, and got flung out due to the centrifugal force of the the wheel spinning.

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every 90 from 300TDi(94) onwards should have vented fronts fitted, 110's got them earlier (perhaps 200tdi?) i think around 1989

If your TD5 has solid fronts i'd be wondering why as they should have vented disks!

No they don't ;) ....

'94 onwards 90's were fitted with the larger callipers (as per 110) but did not have vented disks...

My standard '97 90 is non-vented.

My 2002/3 spec TD5 doesn't have vented either - and hadn't done many miles before the previous owner wrapped it round a tree... again not modified.

A quick search on ebay:


Again not vented (off a 90)


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