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200TDi twin alternator setup

red90 driver

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Guys - after flattening our yellow top last weekend, I need to fit 2 alternators onto the 90. We already have a 120 amp alternator with a split charger, but the winch battery does not seem to want to charge very quickly at all.

Therefore, we have decided to use the 120A for charging the yellow top, and get another 65A unit for the main battery.

What brackets, pulleys and belt do we need? (the yellow top only has the single winch connected to it (until we fit 2 X 8274's in october))

Pros / Cons?

(I will wait more than 15m before being impatient.......)

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there is a tech archive article on twin alternators.

see also the onboard air set up on the 200TDIs as they use the pulleys you'll need to drive 2 alternators


why did the battery go flat?

I run 1 alternator and 2 standard batteries in parallel and recently did a 2 day event using the winches for long periods

and at no time did it suffer any battery/charging issues.

friends run the same sort of set up again without issue.

1 120 amp alt should be enough IMHO and less drain on the engines power.

although 120 amp off a single belt may be pushing its limit, more suited to a serpentine belt

just some random thoughts/suggestions

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Not sure why the winch battery went flat, the voltage gauge went down to 10v, the winch was still working, I'm just paranoid that we will have problems during a challenge!!

I think we (I) might have fried the yellow top when I stuck the battery charger on it over night. Allegedly, you should not charge a yellow top for more than 4-6 hours otherwise the battery gets fried.

So all I need is the bracketry required, please?????

I'll check the archive (never thought of checking, DOH!!)

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Couple of things I have learnt that you may wish to investigate further

For charging up Optimas and Gell batteries get a ACCUMATE or and OPTIMATE (see ebay not much money) these charge up and then keep charged / cycle so you can leave them on indefinately and the battery is always then tip top charged.

Also some alternators onlt really charge when you have some revs up, the Mondeo Alternator which mnay here run and now me as well shoves out 60 at tickover 100 at revs....

Maybe worth thinking through before going to the cost and complexity of 2x alternators ?


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