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Superwinch X6


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I got a Superwinch X6 winch as part of a deal a couple of years ago, I was swapping some parts and I had plans to put it on the front of my series 2A

but I've never got round to it and I found it it's 24V, so I'd need to rig up a second battery.

So it's taking up space in the garage, so I was going to put it on Ebay, what sort of price should I expect, it looks good but used and has the solenoid pack as well.

and on a second note how good is it? Would it be good enough to pull a series 2A out which weighs approx 1400kg?


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Not much cop IMHO, the only one I know of here was burnt out trying to pull a vehicle up hill on the road and I went off them after that... bear in mind that most electric winches won't pull their rated load for long and 6000lb isn't much of a rated load to begin with :)

May be OK if double lined I suppose.

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I suspect the 'market' comprises those people wishing to pull loads onto the bed of a trailer or flatback lorry.

Car recovery springs to mind, where even if we derate from 6000lb Absolute maximum to 3000lb Working maximum it would seem OK to pull a broken car onto the loadbed.

The lorry world would have the 24V available.

Prices I can't give, but now try searches in various places looking for winches for this pupose, to find if what you have fits, and what others ask for.

Good Luck.

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