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TDCi Heater

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All those people that said the interior heater is much better than the old style one are definately right, I'm sorry to say to all those people freezing in their Land Rovers (been there several times) that the heater in the new one is too good. The on/off swicth is on and off like a yo yo, one minute its like being in a furnace even on speed one half heat and the next its cold again becuase I've had to turn it off. I suppose the heater may just be like an normal car but for a cold blooded Land Rover owner who's used to Series and 300 Defenders believe me it gets bloody warm!

7.5k still smiling and no problems

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Anyone else with a 2007 find the air takes quite a while to cool when you switch from hot to cold?

Yep, found that.

Our's has a heated front windscreen (I'm not sure its needed with the new heater though). The first opportunity to test it was this morning. Guess what................. it doesn't bloody work :angry::angry::angry: . Hi ho hi ho it's back to the dealer I go :blink::blink:

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