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I have searched the forums and found little infomation on propshaft lenghts, Many people talk about cutting and making there own or having custom ones made but why when there may be one of the shelf?

So people if you can help me and others no dought, Please measure your props.

Heres what i have so far: 80" front 521mm rear 386mm

late 80" front 542mm rear 407mm

86" front 554mm rear 554mm

107" front 554mm rear 1087mm

88" front 605mm rear 554mm

109" front 605mm rear 1087mm

All mesurements are taken in mid way position.

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Can someone confirm this for me, I have a 88" series 3 with a salsbury axle on the rear my prop lenghts are 605mm Front and 485m Rear.

The car was a gift and needs serious work.

With these prop shaft lenghts are my gearbox mounts in the correct position?

Havnt recieved the box yet and may be a few months before I do and want to get the chassis sorted. Done the rest just the cab bit to do.

Also could someone please measure there landy for the engine mounts from front crossmember and height from top of chassis.

I will be putting a 2 1/4 petrol in the car.

Thanks Ian

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