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rhoads bleed down lifters ticking


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In March or April this year I ordered a Crower Comp-U Pro 50299 Kit at www.v8tuner.co.uk, with Rover V8 Rhoads Bleed-Down Lifters. I installed everything and follow the procedure to first get oil pressure, then idle the engine for 20 minutes at several different revs, not to high, but certainly not idle, around 1500 until 2500 revs.

Everything went fine, the engine runs beautifully, and i got really nice torque driving from standstill with the automatic gearbox! I lareaddy drove a few thousand km's.

Now, when the weather is getting a little colder, one cam follower starts to tick a little bit, only when cold, only when I drive, so when there's little load on the engine. I drive very gentle on a cold engine. When I first start the engine in the morning, I cannot hear it, as soon as I start to drive, even very slowly, I hear it.

I know the sound of cam followers very well, as I just had the problems with the camfollowers before ;-)

I thought: Is it logical due to the 'bleed down'effect of the cam followers that it ticks a little on cold engine? I use 15w40 mineral oil. Should I use a thinner oil like 10w 40 or even thinner?

Or is the ticking noise not normal at all?

Does anyone have experience with the type of lifters I use?

further specs:

Range Rover

9:35:1 compression, 2 strombergs, lpg

zf4 hp22 automatic gearbox

I always start on lpg, without any problems

thanks in advance,


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Thinner oil will increase bleed down rates.

V8 is specced for 20w50 mineral but if you have an oil problem it should be more noticeable when idling and hot, not when still cold (but run enough to pump the followers up).

Could whip a rocker cover off and see what the rockers are doing ... would show up a weak lifter.


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Indeed I posted this a while ago, but I'm just new on the forum, I could find my message back ;)

I got a helpfull email from Paul from v8tuner.co.uk. He told it does happen more often with these v8's: 'The Rover engine is typically a little noisy when starting from cold due to some loss of oil from the lifter due in part to the pressure on the lifter

from the pushrod and some oil leakage from the internal lifter mechanism"

It could also be some kind of dirt: ""In some cases lifter noises can be due to oil contamination. We have inspected Standard, Crane and Rhoads lifters and have found old and low mileage lifters to contain various debris such as grit, swarf, oil sludge, additives etc etc"

I did change the oil after the first 100kms with the new camshaft. Perhaps I should change the oil again? I think I'll just drive along for a while, see what will hapen to the noise. I also got the advice from Paul to idle the engine for a few minutes before driving off. I'll try and locate the noise, see if I can locate the cylinderbank.

thanks for your replies,


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I have a set of these and they do sometimes do this esp cold weather

make sure your oil and filter are clean oil to right level, and ensure you warm up the engine at a reasonable rpm -1500ish not rattling to death on lumpy tickover and do NOT rev until warm and the rattle gone

20/50 multigrade is best Texaco 20/50 and change regularly, or use a high grade oil as per BBC Post (do search)

NOT Synthetic or semi synthethic


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