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Clutch pipe fittings

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I seem to have ended up with a complete dog's dinner and wondered if one of you knowledgeable folk can help me out

o vehicle is a 95 ex-MOD 110 with a 2.5 NA and R380

o after some head-scratching Richard at Beamends reckoned I needed a 55732 master with a FTC5072 slave

o the master went in fine (re-using the original adapter thingy)

o tried fitting the slave today and the union is the wrong size! it appears to be M12x1.0 whereas the union on the little curly hard line is (?) 7/16-20 UNF

NOW... I also ordered a new flex pipe (NTC9055) - on inspection I decided it wasn't needed HOWEVER it appears to be UNF on one end and metric on the other


o is 591231 the correct slave (Rimmer Bros seems to indicate yes... "R380 4 cyl. except Tdi")

o does the Tdi also have a bendy bit of hardline at the slave end and is it M12x1.0 at both ends and does anyone know the P/N (NRC9595 possibly?) coz if so I think I should be able to use the Tdi flex pipe and slave

(I don't think I can just screw the metric end of the Tdi flex pipe straight into the slave can I, because it's not flared...?)


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FTC5072 slave cylinder IS a Tdi part upto R380 gearbox serial number 56A 0669086K. after that use FTC5202 I can't tell what the threads are - EPC doesn't have that info,

Slave 591231 is a LT77 gearbox part.

all 4 cylinder 90/110 use clutch pipe NRC9595, Hoses are NRC7139 FOR 200Tdi

hth :D

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Make a short length of brake pipe to replace the curly little bit with the correct fittings on it - M12 one end to fit into the slave and UNF the other to connect to the flexi pipe.


Yeah that was my first thought - I drove all the way across town with it but after having assured me on the phone they could make one, the guy told me the bends were too tight. Mind you that was an industrial hydraulic shop (some of the 'hoses' behind the counter were the size of drainpipes) - I will try some automotive places... I don't have flare tools... or benders... or skill :P

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