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90 suspension swap


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Ok i recently bought a early 90 thats had a galvy chassis and a defender 200 tdi motor fitted. My 100" is still lurking in the back ground but i enjoy 4x4's more in the winter time :blink: and i also trail in the awcd at rtv level.

This lil truck came up at the right money and i wanted a play thing again after a summer :lol: off.

It's getting a full service,first timer!, and i've bought a llama 4x4 suspension kit with 11" shocks to aid in my trailling.eventual aim is to add x eng springs and finish off my own 3 link front end which i'm playing with on the 100".

As it's a galvy chassis i don't want to drill it to mch or weld to it at all as it's sound and cost the previous owner £2.5K fitted!

As the axles are original and rather worn i'm going to swap the RRC ones over to give me bigger brakes, disks on rear etc.

Any tips/shortcuts to help me whilst changing suspension and axles? anything i'll need that i haven't bought ie,full suspension kit from llama with shocks, turrets and rear brackets and brake lines etc.

Bought a clark 2 tonne high lift trolley jack for the job and some WD40!. I'll do some pics before/after etc.

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Ok good progress tonight. Front axle out,PITA, new shock towers made up and new longer brake lines are in there. Axles has really rusty balls and a shot cv so i'm swapping them from the RRc here.

Batteries are flat on the camera so i'll do some in the am.

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David, what do you do with the inner arch covers as they don't fit anymore? shock turrets to long?

Cut a nice neat sqare cornered hole that the turret will poke up through.... If you just drill the 4 corners the plastic is soft enough to sort of rout out with a normal frill bit....


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One more thought that i hope won't bugger up your plans...

What year is the RRC axle?? Is it the type that has 2 brake feeds into the caliper as that would mean the calipers would either need to be swapped back to the 90 ones or involve a lot more plumbing...


I'll take a look,91 vintage so maybe two feeds? camberley auto factors next door so no probs getting a bit of brake tube sorted.

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you can use the complete RR rear axle, it'll bolt on in place of the 90's rear axle, if you want the front vented disc's either split both sets of calipers & fit the RR's caliper spacer into the 90's calipers [using new fliud gallery seals -- LR part number 17H8764L ] or adapt the RR cailpers to work off the 90's single line front brake system.

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Ok were done! used the RR front calipers and tee'd the two libes together.No probs with the brakes! Rear axl ap was another pain as i had to use the RRc rear ball joint because i couldn't remove it! Some piccies







So it's got Greens on the front,which i think are RR standard rears 1-1.5" lift on front.Red and whites on rear which are police spec and 2" lift on rear. No juddering etc,need some bigger tyres but they can wait.

What do you think???

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Yes trailing this weekend so we'll see how she fairs. Service tomorrow for eng/box etc.

Still not convinced on Diesel power! theres a 60,000 mile 3.9 v8 sat there that dying to go in the 90 :D

See whats she's like after a service eh...

Gonna change the rear axle ball joint,rear pads as there worn.want more articulation at the front now as those shocks have a lot of travel but not when it's all done up tight at the front.

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Theres something wrong here then.I put 4 litres in and it's showing up over the danger mark on the dip stick.

Could i have the wrong sump pan fitted? The reason i say that is that there's alot of brazing been done to it,repairs and also the turbo return pipe looks as if it's been added.

Also the dipsticks in a real funny,NOT, place under the turbo!

How much/where is a new 200 tdi defender sump.

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