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anyone ever had to bend theyre front door?

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I bought some new front doors for my 90, i got them sprayed and preped. Then when it came to fit them the passenger door fits perfectly but the drivers door top half doesnt appear to bend into the car enough and as such there is a gap of a cm or so at teh top!

Has anyone else had this problem? i have tried bending the door top inwards but theyre stronger than expected!


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Is this at the front or back of the door top or all the way around? Have you tried adjusting / shimming the hinges? Adjusted the lock striker? Sure it's not the doorseal on that side having become compressed over time?

I have had this after removing and refitting the same door! solved by adjusting the hinges as above.

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If it cannot be solved with the hinges there is another way!

A friend had a problem where when up to speed>50mph the top of the door would pull out a little and gradually open up a gap. Stationary, the door top looked too far out.

Solution, bend it in.

Method involves two lengths of wood and some rope.

Window down, make rope loop between doorframe and roll cage, roof rack or other solid mount would be ok but length of rope is important to how much effort you have to put in!

Wedge one length of wood between open door and door frame.

Other length of wood through rope loop and wind up.

Trial and error fit, a bit barbarian, a bit risky, but it worked for us!

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The door appears to be sealing fine all round the door apart from the top rail, its a lot worse towards the back end of the door. I have tried adjusting the striker but the door is pretty much as tight in as it will go. it must be just another example of carp manufacturing as the passenger door fits perfectly.

I will give bending the door another go and try adjusting the hinges, etc, just a little concerned that i may overdo it and ruin the door, but i suppose there isnt a great deal i can do about it.

Thanks for all the suggestions


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Mine's the same (old doors but the tops just don't bend in far enough), I tried new hinges and get them and the striker adjusted as best i could but still couldn't get rid of the gap.

(rough bodge method...) wind window all the way down, tie a rope between top of window frame to cage or something solid on the other side, throw door open with force (gentler at first) and KERTWANG! :lol: . Rough but it worked, this was on 20yr old tatty doors, would think twice about it on brand new ones thou..

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just wind down the window put one had on the top of the frame

the other at the bottom of the frame and bend to suit.

that's waht they do at the factory

Tis true. I had to bend the top front of the frame of one of a pair of doors I bought two or three years ago as there was a big gap that I couldn't loose by adjustment. I used a block of wood between the bulkhead & screen frame and just eased the door top in with a bit of muscle.

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