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Alloys for an early ninety???


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Way back in the early rebuild stage of my ninety I naively bought what were advertised as a set of Firesyle alloys, and what I thought were the Non-LR replica's that would fit a drum braked ninety. Why I didn't question it at the time I don't know but they were in actual fact genuine LR Freestyle wheels and I think from the part no (ANR1689) from a Discovery.

I'm now considering my options and whilst I think I could use these wheels if I fitted spacers, I'm reluctant to go down this route because the jury seems to be out on Spacers. I also want to keep what the vehicle legal - and I think the existing alloys with BFG 265/16 would protrude too far out past the arches.

I've spent alot of time and effort on the rebuilt, and the vehicle is looking nice so whilst I dont want to spend money am still considering a new set of wheels and if possible alloys. That said I dont want to make any more mistakes.

Can people let me know of any alloys that they know will definately fit a drum braked model. There seem to be a number of aftermarket wheels out there, but with different information on what will fit. I'm particularly interested in the 'Boost' style and I think Compomotive do a replica. Anyone got any of these?

I also want to keep turning circle reasonable, so did I ought to go for 235 tyres instead of 265....or consider wheels with a greater offset - looking the mags, Silverline are offering a new wheel (Sport) with at least a couple of offset options.

Finally any recommendation of a good company to talk to / supply.

My list so far of possible contenders:-

Famous Four



Nene Valley




I should also mention that the vehicle is not planned to be doing any hard off-road work at this stage.

Thanks for any advice you can give


PS ...please dont suggest any axle changes as I will be devorced if the thing isn't finished soon!!!

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...please dont suggest any axle changes as I will be devorced if the thing isn't finished soon!!!

Hi Nick

instead of changing the rear axle, it's possible to change the stub axle ends & hubs/brakes for Discovery parts, then the next problem is where to find the caliper brackets, IIRC on Disco/RR rear axles these are part of the casing not seperate parts.

other option is HERE :D

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Thanks Ralph. I think I'm going to have to do some closer examination this weekend to understand the issue properly and how much clearence is required.

What I'm not entirely sure of at this stage is why all the discussion normally revolves around the rear's, because these seem to be fitting fine on the drums - only issue is that the centre caps wont fit because of hub dust caps. Am I missing something relating to the rears?

It's the front that seems to be the problems and is as described in the link that you sent me, where there is an interference fit between the wheel and hub. When I was reassebling the hub I was thinking about doing exactly what is decribed but instead of filing (orange bit in drawing) wondered whether I could get a fraction (which is all it seems to be!!) removed by someone with a lathe..

I also wondered whether it was possible to get a slightly thinner drive flange to deal with the fouling (bit in yellow) of the bolt heads. Is that an option???

Regarding other wheel options, should I take it that from the lack of other replies that there isn't much available in the alloy market??


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you can fit 300 tdi driving members (flange?) which are smaller but your half shafts will protrude too much and you will have way too much end float.

to sort this you could fit rangie half shafts , i suspect your diff is 10 spline.

I'm sure someone will come along and verify this.

or , and your best bet , you could fit a new rear axle complete with disc brakes.

you can get one for around 50 quid if you shop around. Ive got either a rangie or disco rear axle on mine and Ive had no worries with it yet.

if you really really want alloys and drum brakes you could also get the center of your alloys removed by a machine shop , my rangie alloys have been modded like this on a lathe and although still a tight fit , they do fit.

to be fair though as soon as i get my steel wheels painted and shod with new tyres I'm getting rid of the alloys altogether, if your stuck your welcom to them.


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The centre-cap is a problem that can only be overcome by the use of spacers or replacing / rebuilding your axles with the later type of hub & driveshaft.

There are plenty of aftermarket alloys on ther market with which the type of hub doesn't matter (the ZU alloys I have on my 1986 90 for instance) but if you want to use LR pattern wheels you only have a couple of options.

I don't have a real issue with the use of spacers as long as they are the correct type (with the locating spigot) and you have informed your insurance company however I think you are correct in thinking that with Boost or Freestyle/Firestyle alloys and 265/75's they will stick out past standard arches slightly. While your MOT tester may let them pass (he may not even notice) you will end up with a lot more muck down the side of the vehicle (not good on a rainy day).

I went down this same road myself a while ago and while I really wanted Boost wheels (without spacers) and was happy to carry out the necessary work to my axles, the introduction of the ZU rim finally twisted my mind to the non-standard look.

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