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Big round nut on front 1/2 shafts


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I have got myself a working Landy again, well I will have once I collect it tomorrow. My local Landy fixers up at Teesdale Land Rovers put a selection of bits together for me to make a good axle for a price that was better than laying out in the street in the frost.

Apparently they couldn't refit my Free-wheeling hubs due to the 1/2 shafts they used having a large round castleated nut which the hubs won't go over.

I can't look at it until tomorrow, but I got the hubs from a friend who found he couldn't fit them onto his axle for exactly the same reason. They told me at Teesdale that the shafts where military spec.

I would like to refit the hubs if possible because I have them and I have a TrueTrac in the front that I don't want to be weighting up the steering on my daily commute to work.

I have this picture of my friends set-up.


Hopefully it will be as simple a fix as changing the nut, in which case I will point and laugh at my pal.

Any info on the origin and any benefit to having these shafts would be good to know just out of curiosity.

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Looks like standard 24 spline shaft nut to me, all series 3 109 and 88 from 1980, when fitting FWH they usually have a new nut that is a smaller diameter with a flange to give the original diameter where it contacts the FWH center. I also guess that your old shafts were 10 spline if the FWH wont go on.

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That makes sense more than military spec etc. I guess I'll just get a couple of spare nuts and turn them down. Err thinking slower than typing, I guess I'll struggle to get the 24 spline shaft end into the 10 spliners.

Oh well I'll just drive it lol.

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They nicely hid the horrid noises of the mangled diff and shafts for a while lol. I smashed it up and chucking them on meant I could drive it to work at 6 O'Clock the next morning so they have their uses.

Just picked it up earlier and it seems my fears of the truetrac affecting the steering seem to be unfounded can't say the same about the detoit in the back. I had a flat tyre the day before I took it in for the axle so I fitted my spare but it's smaller (3 Grizzlys and a Wildcat all nominally the same) so I suspect it's locking up the diff and trying to send me round the bend!

Having got it home now yes it is just standard 24 spline gear, heavens knows what that bull about military spec was and more to the point I can have a good laugh at my pal for not realising this for so long.

I still have my 10" brakes fitted, they where in excellent condition with almost completely new bits so swapped them onto new axle. I have all the 11" stuff that came with the newer axle but it will need at least 3 wheel cylinders. The mechanic suggested to me that he's not keen on fitting 11" to the front of SWB landys as he feels it makes them brake skittishly. I find this a bit odd as it's what Land Rover themselves did post '80 anybody got any opinion other than that the mechanic is talking out of his :rolleyes: I may well clean it all up and fit it in my own time next summer if it is a worthwhile job. I already have the dual circuit master cylinder and servo fitted.

Oh and the batteries flat too, Land Rovers eh I should be used to it by now I guess.

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