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Installing Detroit locker diff


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Because it tends to decide that it controls the steering on loose surfaces, not the driver :)

Somebody here had one in a Discovery a few years ago and I believe he removed it because he got tired of arguments at every junction on gravel roads.

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I have known a guy with a Disco here in SA who had to remove the Detroit because his wife couldn't stand all the banging as it unlocked and locked. There was also a guy with a 90 in the UK who got his money back from Ashcrofts for the same reason, except worse. The shorter the wheelbase the more the locker will unlock and relock going round corners.

With a 110" or 127" wheelbase there is very little noise and the steering is not affected.

The makers themselves do not recommend fitting a Detroit to a wheelbase less than 117" in their manual!

The only time I get a problem with noise in the 110 is if I push in the clutch at a low speed with lock on, as when parking. So now I try to not depress the clutch unless I really have to.

The Detroit is great on dirt roads with the Centre diff lock engaged as it is very stable and wants to go in a straight line.

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I am fitting it in the rear of my Series 1 Discovery, and a trutrac in the front. I am the only one that drives it and am willing to sacrifice some on road behaviour for better off road traction. My mate has the same set up and his diff is not noisy.

Anyway, back to my original question, anyone have the diff set up info???


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AFAI can remember you just bolt it in and voila! The manual says nothing about any adjustments or settings. Just to torque the bolts that hold it to the ring gear to the manufacturer's specs. The crown wheel/pinion settings stay as before. I have kept the old diff centre in case I sell the vehicle. Parts like this are worth more separately than fitted.

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Ah, that's a different matter. You have to set the pinion to the crown wheel as per the manual. I have read the description and it seems to require some special tools, measuring blocks and suchlike. I would get it done by an expert with the right gear.

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