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Dodgy Earth

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For ages now my headlights have flickered a bit - still running good old sealed beam units (one day..............) - and so does the ligth on the dash when they are on. I have also recently noticed that sometimes the light on the rear fog light switch flickers on and off when the headlights are on. So I am suspecting a dodgy earth somewhere. But has anyone got any tips/ideas where to start looking so I can check it out and sort it if required?



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Must be the season for this problem as my 110 has had exactly the same symptoms. I eventually traced it to a loose earth tag on the battery - chassis - gearbox earth cable. The tag for the chassis earth had opened up due to vibration. Crimped it a bit tighter with some mole grips and job sorted. I'm going to run in an additional strap from the gearbox to the chassis so it doesn't happen again.

I spent ages chasing this intermittant fault through the fuse boxes, alternator, switch gear / relays and battery terminals until I was able to correlate the flicker with the engine coming on / off load and reasoned where to look. Lights are somewhat brighter and the stereo no longer drops out if I boot the throttle in first.


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