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high level brake light 2007 double cab

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hi all

right its not been broken for a few weeks now so my love is growing again had it washed :P as well

any way i fitted a ifor canopy so i have a rear glass window for a high level brake light to shine through

is the wiring hiding down by the tail gate where it would go into the door of a csw where can i get a high level brake light from

and where can i get led front side lights bulb in kent or essex R5w i think

any help


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Route the cables as Ralph suggests, Have you any ideas on what brake light to use?

oK its on the trailer, but I also have one on the truck just not got a pic of it to hand. Its made by Hella and only about 6mm thick and very robust. its just a suggestion


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i am looking for a flat type that i can sick to the inside of the glass door window or mount from the top edge disco or defender on would do

my last td5 double cab had the wiring in place for heated rear screen wash wiper and brake light any know if the 2007 model is the same


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