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central tyre inflation system ?


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hello people ,

could any one tell me how the central tyre inflation system as found on unimogs and hummers works ?

could this system work on a landrover ?

Would be nice but you need hollow axles for a start...

the unimog one also pressurises the axle cases and transmission to stop water getting in while

fording rivers which is a good idea I suppose...


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A friend was having it fitted to his truck

(this one)


having fully custom axles made (or modified LR can't remember at the mo)


If you step in P44 there's a guy who fitted one to his Toy-Mog hybrid,

don't remember the nick but he has a Mac as avatar (er,not a big help maybe!)...

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I costs €800 for a mog 404 kit and uses Deublin rotary unions and rifle bored lower axle shafts, theres plenty of strength left as the output is 64mm thick, its easy with portals but a nightmare without them.

its the same with H1 hummers, more of a pain to do on Laplander axles but more to come on that one later :(

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