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Range rover classic snorkel


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few months ago i bought snorkel for my range rover( fiberglass snorkel, same type as Devon4x4 is selling) and now i decided to mount on my car. But i am confused with fitting. It should be shaped to fit RRC pillar, but it isn't quite same. there is window rubber( seal) and making whole snorkel moved from ideal position about 1/2 inch. So wholes for screws will not be in good position.

I can make some "mounting plate" but i think there could be something much more simple.

Do you have idea how to correctly fit it? thanks

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Hi teslo,

I think it was me you bought it from, just before christmas? :)

I don't have a snorkel or a Range Rover any more to take a look at, but I'm sure it sat okay when I offered it up to my truck. I lost the fitting instructions, or I'd have included them, but they were fairly straightforward. This is from memory, so it would be great if someone can confirm I'm getting it right!

You're supposed to sit the snorkel against the A-pillar and mark where it touches the decker panel, at the back of the pipe. Cut a semi circle so that the pipe drops half into the panel, then cut the other half of the 'circle' (actually more of an ellipse, as the pipe's going through at an angle) out of the panel a bit at a time, offering up the snorkel again after each cut until the pipe fits through.

The snorkel should then sit neatly against the A-pillar. Drill out the screw holes and fasten in place with self tapping screws (I guess you could pop rivet it to make it harder to remove).

I think there's also a little trimming to be done in the corner of the engine bay to bring a flexible pipe through to meet the bottom of the snorkel.

The ram just pushes onto the top of the snorkel body and should be fastened in place with a large jubilee clip.

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Hi, yes you are right :D

Drilling hole to decker panel is without problem. Complication starts when i want to drill holes to pillar. Snorkel is formed exactly as pillar, so there should no problem, but there is also windows seal what lift whole snorkel about 1/2inch from pillar. Maybe i am just trying to be very accurate, but drilled hole will be in pillar under angle. Cut off window seal will cure the problem, but i think it is not ideal solution ;)

I was thinking about making some distant piece, but before that i was thinking to ask here so maybe i am totally wrong.

Or i will put there some very good glue :lol:


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The window you have is glued in, probably the snorkel was built for the older version with rubber seal.

What you can do is simply cut the rubber bezel such that the snorkel fits. The bezel neither holds the screen nor does it seal.


Carsten ;-)

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Yes. It is exactly the same. I will probably use some drive screws because rivet nuts will be under angle and therefore normal screws will not fit...

And one other job needs to be done. remake cover of filter box to suit big hose from snorkel...

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Hi,, looks the same as the one i had fitted on my old bob tail a few years ago


Easy screw to the A post


Hi - just picked up this thread on a search - anybody out there able to identify the manufactureer or brand of this one? - I think its one of the best looking fittments I've seen on a classic and is perfect for my current project.

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