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starter / earth problem

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Hello out there,

Had a funny episode with my starter this afternoon at the grocery store. Truck (110 with disco 200tdi) wouldn't start - starter was turning slow. I tried it a few times and some smoke started coming out from the parking brake lever! :blink:

Popped out the inspection plate and nothing looked burnt underneath. checked the starter and the large connection on the solenoid was loose. tightened everything up and still no go. I've got good charge in the batteries and 12v is getting to the solenoid, but all I get now are clicks. No more smoke out the p cable. Could it be a bad ground somewhere?

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Found some time to have a look. My neg from the battery goes to a frame crossmember and then I have a grounding strap from the block to the frame near the front left mount.

Planning to clean them up. Perhaps I should should extend the one from the battery to the gearbox joint?

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a much easier fix which is always good, to give them a bit of protection either smear some petroleum jelly [we call it Vaseline in the UK] or some waxoyl anti corrosion type fluid which leaves a wax coating on the parts after the solvent has evaporated.

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