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Intercooler clean and silicone hoses


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Am I likely to see any effect by cleaning the intercooler (200Tdi 110K, probably never cleaned) and replacing the standard hoses with silicone ones?

No problems with the engine just read a few things on effects of cleaning..... :blink:

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I didn't notice any difference when I cleaned the intercooler internals on my Discovery. I used parafin and left it soaking over night. Did make the parafin a bit brown but I didn't see any performance difference. Replaced the intercooler to inlet hose with another std rubber one as mine was getting a bit soft; so can't really say regarding silicon hoses.

To be fair if you get that much oil out of a intercooler then there is probably a problem with your turbo if it pumping out oil to make that much difference.

YMMV and I'm sure that there will be other opinion :)


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I've cleaned my tdi and td5 intercooler out and there doesn't seem to be a noticiable difference.

Of coarse if you added the bigger inter coolers like the allisport ones then I'm sure there is difference in cooling capasity.

More air to fuel ratio better fuel economy and more avaliable HP's. :lol:

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