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Position of fuel pump/sender in 110 load space?

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So, I seem to have developed a fuel leak from the top of the tank. I guess its the pump output hose.

Now bearing in mind the hassle that i had dropping and refitting the tank last time, i really dont want to again.

It seems that i should be able to cut a hole in the load space floor & fit an access panel.

But has anyone done this? Does anyone have the position & size?

TIA , Hoss

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I don't have time to do a search but I am certain that the measurements are on this forum somewhere, where the question was asked before.

Yeah I thought so too, but i did search under several keywords.

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I did this when I needed access to mine, a 2004 TD5. Diesel_jim supplied a picture with dimensions, I will try to find it for you...


Edit: Yes, here it is, searched for fuel+floor : Jim's picture, towards the bottom of page one.

thanks mate

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Actually just having gone last night to cut the hole, it seems that the TD5 is in a slightly differnent place to my '93 V8, bit more annoying its is right beneath the floor support ribs, and i dont really want to cut through those ;(

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