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Clutch Lever Failures

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I have heard and read about the Defender clutch levers failing and people advising strengthening them. While I have mine apart, exactly what should I do to strengthen it? It looks to be in good shape at the moment, but while it's out... :unsure:



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I believe that the conventional method is to weld a washer across the section that the push-rod sits against as it is only pressed steel and the rod can actually punch its way through the pressing when it wears thin enough.

I am fairly sure that Britpart now sell a HD version which should prevent this problem occuring.

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Someones swiped your thrust bearing. Bit grubby in there as well - a bit of a clean and polish wouldn't go amiss - what would you think if you ran someone a bit snobby over and they commented on the smutty bellhousing as they gasped their last breath? :)


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