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Winch isolator


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Wow the isolating switches go pop do they?

Well more of a smokey, burny thing really. The one good thing is at least you can just bolt the two wires to one pole to finish the day but I like to know the winch is isolated when it's not needed.

The new one is rated for 2500 amps continuous for 10 secs. Certainly looks more up to the job.

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I use the red key type for my Husky winch, never had any problems :D

You're lucky. This is the second one I've had bother with and on our SAR vehicles we ended up swapping this type out for Lucas isolators. They have limited current capability and the contacts also tend to deteriorate over time which can lead to intermittent starting problems for example. I thought with this one I'd try it again but have just wasted more money though tugging SimonR arround with a 6hp motor is by any measure well beyond its intended spec.

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Got another to fit when I add the jump lead 'anderson' sockets, this 2nd one is a Hella part [number 6ek 002 843-011] rated for a max at 12v 1000amps over 10secs or 24v 500amps over 10secs, IIRC that's the same as the other for my winch. :D

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