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Micro........ help!


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Hi all, I have a bit of a query. I just installed a certain parts software on an XP based machine, it runs for 4-5 mins then pops a window up saying error 113 and to contact helpdesk! I click ok and the program shuts down. I was running it on a 2000pro machine and it worked fine!

Any clue, ideas or workaround this!



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The Bug fix folder contains this info -----------------

Installation Information:-

Change the date on your PC to Jan 5th 2005, close all open programmes, load the disc and it will autorun, select "Install Microcat" from the menu box, select your chosen language, select "Application and Data Installation", click next to install to default folder c:\MCLRE, select drive letter of your hard drive location.

When installation has completed re-start the PC.

Open the folder named "Bug Fix" located on the CD supplied and copy the mg16.dll file into C:\MCLRE folder on your PC, overwrite the file already in place,

Repeat this process in the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM folder and C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 folder on your PC as well.

Now start Microcat. If any error messages appear click on them and restart program.

Now start Microcat, when the programme opens click on "Start" button, select "ignore" when a message box opens, select "Administration", create a new user, select "Tax Tables" tab, enter value 0 in Code 0 then in 1 & 2 enter 17.5.

Log in and open the programme, if you need to access prices you will need set the date to Jan 5th 2005 each time before you open the programme, once its open re-set back to the current date, the programme will continue to run.

If you don't need prices then just open with the current date.

hope that helps :D

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Just to add to what Ralph has written,

if your using an older version of the mg16.dll with a newer or current version of Microcat, you have to roll back your system clock to the issue month or the following of the cd. (you get 60 days usage per cd)


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Ok i tried all of the above and i still keep getting the same error!! Damn XP!!!

The microcat i have is till AUG 2004! i tried the date trick and it still gave me the error!!

I also have the mg16.dll file in the right places, what else could be wrong?


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