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can yu take a look at this please chaps


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seem to have a leak of some strange orange paste, looks to be coming from the small rubber hose and running down the rocker cover. its not a fast leak and no signs of it on the drive. does seem more of a thick paste than a oil???.



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Looks like waters got into it?? Thats the colour of rust and water, Though I dont know where rust would come from on that part and oil should go milky I guess with water, Have you done any wading :blink: Thats all I can think of and maybe take the hose off to check for water getting in and also check the oil to see what colour that is,


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The rocker oil seperator is partially blocked. The material inside is like a steel scouring pad. It starts to rust with natural condensation and the build-up of pressure pushes out an orange gloopy mess, which is oil, water, and rust particles. Take the pipe off and look inside - you will see what I mean.


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Its not oil - its coolant,the hot spot under the throttle body is leaking,common fault on Thor v8's.

yep had a closer look and im pretty sure it is coolent, the hot spot is that the part that the 2 little pipes go to under the throttle housing in the pic, as theres evidence of coolent there, is it just a gasket that normaly leaks..

i have a feeling what Les said is on the otherside of the engine, this is on the passenger side..


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