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Les Henson

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Anorak hunting Les?

No, not really, just a comparison I suppose.

The Infinity Limousine that I have had front driveshaft problems with is turning into a possible legal issue.

The vehicle is selectable (via a switch on the dash) 4WD, which it turns out is permanently engaged because of some fault or other. The importer/seller claims that the fact it's in 4WD is the reason the front driveshaft have now both snapped (the shortest one snapped at approx 400 miles from new, and the opposite side snapped after 1500 miles)

So why have 4WD on this type of vehicle if it's going to cause damage if you actually use it?

On both breaks, the inner cast iron bearing guide broke into 5-pieces (there are 5-12mm ball bearings), and the outer bearing cage broke in half radially. The outer CV joint body was cracked in 2 + 3 places, and the splines on the end of the driveshaft were 'chewed up', but only it seems as a result of broken metal pieces grinding against it.

The thing I noticed immediately was the small diameter of the front driveshafts - they appear to be 20-22mm. which is the same as Cavalier, Escort, Carlton, etc - that size of motor. The driveshaft only sits inside the cv joint by 25mm when the wheels are in the straight ahead position, and a bit less on full lock.

The reason I ask about the Disco specs is just to show the driveshaft differences .

The Limo weighs in at a llittle over 3-tons.

It would appear that the transmission isn't suitable for a vehicle of this weight.

Les. :)

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