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Wolf wheels


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As stated in the subject. I have some wolf rims, that I'd like to use for winter tires. But will they fit my D2?


They won't fit. Different BCD I believe. But the Genuine Discovery2 steel wheels look very similar (on US forums they call them "NATO wheels".)


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Hi Tony,

I'd be careful puting a lattitude/longitude reference in your profile. Use Google Earth and it shows any lowlife exactly where your "pride and joy" is!!


Yes, you're right,

But lowlife SOB's would the encounter one or more of the following(less dangerous first):

1. Our 11 kg Maine Coon

2. Our video surveillance system

3. My dog

4. My wife's dog

5. My USP expert

6. My wife's 686 .357

7. My wife

If they survive that, nothing can stop them anyway. <_<


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