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Rear window gremlins?

Matt S

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Sorry to post twice in one evening, but while I'm at it...

My rear window seems to have a life of it's own (55-plate). Sometimes when lowering it it will drop straight down and any attempts to get it back up will be met by wilful re-dropping of the glass until I press and hold the button back up again... I would say it needs looking at, but my girlfriend's dad's one (S-plate)does exactly the same. Am I doing it wrong, or is it some kind of common fault - or it that how it is on them all?

Any ideas welcome before the warranty runs out!



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Sounds like both your rear windows may need to be re-calibrated.

It does mention this in the owners handbook if you can be bothered to read it (i didn't until mine did the same) or simply stick the key in the rear door lock and turn it fully clockwise and hold.

the window will drop down.

use the switch in the car to raise it.

when lowering it will open and stop where you like PROVIDING you don't go over about 1/4 way doen when it drops to the bottom. Putting it back up with the switch will raise it. if you take your finger off before about half way it will drop again - over this point it will raise fully.

i usually say stuff it and put the air con on!

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Press the switch that disables the rear seat side windows.

Problem solved ;)

Took me weeks to work out why ours was doing that :)

Will :)

Brilliant :rolleyes: - switched the switch, all is well - just better make sure i don't trap the dog's head... She wouldn't be happy :lol:

Thanks a lot!


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Not really the same problem but still rear window mech related......

My V plate 5 door has just started playing up with a back window problem

If I pull the door handle the window drops but only around 1/2" , not enough to allow the door to open... I have found that I can just push the window down another 1/2" or so just by putting a little downwards force on the glass with the flat palm of my hand. it then stops solidly and allows the door to open.

I have had the inner door panel off and there appears to be extra slack in the cable nearest to the door catch, if I try to hold the cable to remove the slack(around 1/2" or so) the window drops to the required position so electrically all seems OK I could possibly make a spacer to take the slack out of the cable by holding the outer sleeve away further but I would rather correct the problem rather than bodge it !!

Any suggestion of a possible cause / cure..... I was wondering if the cable may have a clamp somewhere at the end which may have slipped or similar but I can't see one..

Any ideas appreciated...


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did it make grinding noises first, cos my sisters regulator has gone, and same prob, xept with the window up u cant open the door :S

Nope no grinding noise, worked perfectly then half an hour later when I tried to open the door, it didn't drop properly....

Can't see anything obvious but taking the slack out of the wire seems to resolve the problem, just don't want to tension it up by some method only to find out that the cable snaps when it gets all the way down to the bottom !!!!!!


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