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UJ's...again !


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Is it unusual for UJ's to start playing around even after a relative short lifespan ?

The reason I ask is that I have only 33000 miles up but at around 70 Mph (120Kms) I get distinct vibration through the rear. Therefore I was wondering whether this was the UJ causing this or something else I need to check out ?

I had the wheels balanced again to see if this helped to sort it which it did to an extent however the vibration is still there.


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It also helps to grease them much more often than the LR recommended intervals. I do all mine at least every 5000 kms (3000 miles) and they are still ok at 271 000 kms. This especially applies to the rear UJ on the front prop, which has a greater angle than the others, at least they tend to fail first.

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Steve, if it comes to UJ's replacement - buy GKN's .

About the sliding joints, my humble experience showed that they cannot be lubricated properly through the grease nipple. Is't much better to separate the two halfs of the propshaft, then clean and lubricate generously. In this way you can also check the slide's plastic cover( rilfan? ) Don't forget to check the stamped markers on the two prop halfes before assembling. Hope it make sence :blink:

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