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pre flight checks

Exmoor Beast

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I have finally got my newly purchased Series Three back home.

to my knowledge it hasn't run for a year or so. I did breifly turn it over today to check it wasn't seized solid, its not thankfully!

What should I do before running it after its lay up?

Change the oil?

Check spark plugs? what should the gap be? 2.25 petrol obviously.

Will :)

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thanks Matt.

Right, where did I put that guage...

Will :)

Don't forget to change the oil in the air filter too. Also cleaning the sediment bowl on the fuel pump would be a good idea, as it might be emulsified if the vehicles been standing for a long time. I'd also check the condition of the points, points gap, dizzy cap, rotor arm, and condensor. Checking the valve clearances might be a good idea too. There's no guarantee that the previous owner had them set correctly.

I might be going a bit overboard here, but if it was my new purchase, I'd rather spend a little extra time checking out these extra bits, than running into problems later.

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It is best to chainge the oil when warm, otherwise there will be a lot of sludge that may not come out.

I would disconnect the wire to the distributor, and crank it till it has oil pressure, then reconnect, start it, run it till warm, then change all the oils, filter, spark plugs, etc.

Also, don't forget to grease all the grease nipples.

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Whatever you do, be bloody careful with the warp drive. Dilithium crystal containment units in the mid-production Series III were notoriously shoddy and you wouldn't want to have an anti-matter build-up. Moving the red lever back and forth vigorously before initial start-up usually solves the problem. If not, well Exmoor will be a smoking hole on the face of the Earth. Not a major loss mind you but not the kind of thing we want the anti-4x4 crowd getting stuck into.

Good luck and Godspeed

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oooo thanks for that RPR, we had a similar problem with an old qualcast mower some years ago. luckily an old boy walking past spotted our error and yelled for us to stop narrowly avoiding a disaster as you mention.

We adjorned to the pub for the afternoon to calm down, close call. :o


Back to the Series Three, battery is charged so today is start day hopefully :)

Will :)

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