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Just given the 90 another 1.5" lift


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Found an easy way to lift the 90

Put air in the tyres :blink:

Was pulling to the left a bit and low speed steering was heavy so I though it was about time to check the pressures. NSF was down to 8psi. But with all the recent talk of rolling radius and tyre sizes I thought I'd do some measuring as I inflated.

At 8psi the hub centre was 15" from the ground

At 14psi - 16" and at my preffered 18psi it is back up to 16.5" (so 33" effective diam on a 35" tyre)

Note BFG give the effective diam of their 35x12.5 MT as 33.7"

Rears where prob ok at 12 but I've brought them up to 15psi and the rear hubs now sit at 17.5" off the ground which tends to indicate 15psi is a bit on the high side for the rear.

Think I'll get my anorak now.

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Not wanting to teach any body's Grandmother to suck eggs, but you need to be extremely careful running tyres on the road at low pressures.

The excessive sidewall flex causes the tyre to overheat and in the worst scenario - explode with disastrous consequences.

Contrary to popular belief, under inflating is far more dangerous than over inflating, not that I'd advocate either for road use though. :huh:

As I said, not saying anyone here is doing anything wrong, I just felt it should be said so anyone experimenting with tyre pressures knows the pitfalls. :blink::unsure:

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Too true. Must admit even now after a long (200+ mile) Mway trip I'll still feel the sidewall temp (cooler than my Disco's) just for reassurance and I also keep a close eye on tyre wear patterns which is now much improved.

TC, if your 90 weighs 1600kg your a lucky man.

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