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FAO Les Henson; sectret photgraphing of birds


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Some while back I think it was you who wanted to photograph birds (the feathered variety so you said :rolleyes: ) and was thinking of rigging up some camera to your pc.

Not sure if you ever did it but there is this thingy:

no direct link but go to:


look in "Cam Motion Cameras" for "Stealth Cam"; and the blurb:

Not sure how many miniature hippos there are in Swindon, other thant the pram pushing burbery dressed ones queueing at the social. :ph34r:


Have you ever wondered what happens in your garden when you’re not looking? Are you a frustrated wildlife photographer. not getting the shots you want ? The answer to these questions, and many more besides, is here – Stealth Cam Motion Cameras.

Stealth Cam Motion Cameras have found the way to put you in more than one place at the same time.

The Stealth Cam is used by the BBC Natural History Unit, most recently on a tiny island off the east coast of Africa to search for miniature hippos.

Using PIR (Passive Infrared) Sensor technology, Stealth Cam cameras can start snapping photos from the moment motion or heat is detected – day or night! Whether it is game scouting, viewing wildlife or even commercial and residential security, trust Stealth Cam to call all the right shots.Using cutting-edge multi-patented features, Stealth Cam continues to push the boundaries, offering new digital and specialty camera models.

The cameras are designed and built from the ground up with exclusive features, like extended flash ranges and multiple exposure options.All the products are developed with the user in mind and each product is rigorously tested in real life situations before it is approved and produced.

Whatever your needs, from 35mm to state of the art digital motion cameras, the Stealth Cam range is able to fulfill your wildlife or security photgraphic needs

Set off to the woods today and get started. Then let the Stealth Cam pictures tell the story.

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Guest diesel_jim
Not sure how many miniature hippos there are in Swindon, other thant the pram pushing burbery dressed ones queueing at the social. :ph34r:

LOL!!! there surely are plenty of them here!!!!

Les.... not spying on Steve are ya? :ph34r::ph34r:

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One of our friends (John Morgan) was looking for something like this to find out who is tearing down signs at Slindon. I've mailed him a link!

Not badly priced either.

I rigged up something like this when my 110 kept being damaged by someone overnight. I didn't get a good enough picture for criminal evidence - but I could tell who it was! Confronted them and at least it stopped!

It would have been preferable to just buy one though.

It could also be used for: ;)

In my last place of work, I took a still photo of each of the toilets (empty) and posted a page in the intranet - "New Toilet-Cam - see if it's in use before you go!" (In my caring head of IT kind of way). It had most people in the call centre running up the road to the public toilets for a day! (April 1st) :)


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A 500mm f4 lens and a car as a hide normally works for me!!


I should have an article on nest box photography for an ordinary camera.

If your going to Donnington let me know and I'll have a search for it.

I eat rat poison


I can cause trouble in an empty house !!!

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