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Lower Link Bolt +

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I've noticed that the lower link retaining bolt on the passenger side of LHD TD5 90s comes loose rather easily. On mine it was still tight but clearly several mm forward of the other rear arm, on a friends it had spun almost to the end of the threads leaving a cm or more of open threads between it and bush. His drove a bit like a drunk driving simulator.

Are these loose bolts a normal thing?

Begining to think I ought to treat the 90 like a helicopter (tighten down all the nuts after each trip). I don't ind doing this, in fact I rather enjoy it. While I'm at it is there anything else that needs tightening/looking after?

Oh, and one final bit of conspiracy theory: (a genre so popular here in the middle east) both of our 90s were recently serviced by the main dealer. Drove well going in, swerved all over the place shortly after coming out.

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Never heard of it on RHD ones, never seen the problem here. Is it on newish vehicles where the fault is probably from the factory, or repeatedly occurring on the same vehicle?

I assume you mean the big nut on the end of the arm, rather than a bolt - the only explanation I can think of if it is a repeated fault is that the Nyloc locking bit in the nut is knackered, maybe a bad batch of nuts on sale at the dealer or something?

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Yep. Meant the nut. Thanks for the replies.

I haven't compared vins or anything but the other 90 is also a tomb raider bought from the same dealer. Chances are they were produced at the same time so maybe it could be a defective nut or something like that. All very odd but i guess this is what makes the whole thing interesting.

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