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Mike Wolfe Event - Final Info


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Gates open from 7.30am

Scrutineering starts at 7.45 and CLOSES at 8.45, if you haven't been scrutineered and passed by 8.45 then you will have to wait till other start at 9.15 :P:lol: (there are 6 scrutineers and 38 4x4s to do in 60 minutes) :P

So, DRIVERS .......If you want to save time at signing on ................

.............and get your pack ..............which details HOW to be scrutineered etc

PM me you e-mail address ...........and I'll e-mail over a single page A4 that you will need to complete and sign on the day...

Save time, .............

...............complete it and bring it with you

...............those who don't complete it (and waste time :P ) still have to complete it on the day :lol:

No form = No Team Pack = Team can't be scrutineered till its done !!! :huh:

Just a thought.............. :D

Nige :ph34r:

PS check you e-mail boxes 1st, sent to a load of you, may have missed some ?

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Should be a good event

It has not rained down here for over three weeks.

it will be more of a rock crawl than a cloopy clay.

The water holes will be leathal to diffs and shafts with very thick slurry sucking you in.


I would recon there will be loads of damage as the open areas will be like tarmac and too much grip will catch people out.

You lucky B******* ;);)

have a good day

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Forgive my ignorance i've heard a lot about this Mike Wolfe Event Who is/was Mike Wolfe? I presume its some sort of Memorial challenge whats the back ground?

Mike Wolfe was a very well respected 4x4 Dealer owner KKC and competitor over many years but unfortunatly he and his wife were killed in a RTA trying to help a strickend motorist on a moterway a few years ago now.

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