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Martin L

Gearbox removal, Disco 1

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Has anyone here tried to get the gearbox out of a Disco from underneath? I've done a classic Rangie in the past with the floor out. Is "floor out" the only option on a Disco. Maybe it could be done if the transfer box was removed first?

Any thoughts?

Thanks all for any input.

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The official method is always from underneath using a transmission jack, and you can't take the floor out of a Discovery anyway as far as I am aware?

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As above...... the floor doesn't come out on a disco, wish it did!!!

the only way is from underneath, or on the back of the engine if you remove the whole lot......

But if you're doing the clutch, i'd take the engine out to do it myself.....

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99% of the time I do them from underneath, you only need to remove the center console, hand brake cable and gear levers from inside.

Not a hard job, last week I drove a Discovery 1 onto my 4 post ramp and 47 mins later had the old clutch in my hands, whislt drinking tea I might add!

Good luck!


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hi i am a begginer at disco maintainance and i have just done my clutch a couple of month ago without help ,if you search in technical section there is a very good article by les henson on how to do it so simple to follow made my life so much easyer hope this helps.

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Thanks for that, Its my first Disco, bought with no drive so I'm trying to diagnose at the same time. Gearbox all feels as if its selecting but It wont make any engaement with the transfer gears, I've got the bottom cover off and the transfer box seems to engage correctly. now I'm wondering, broken gearbox shaft or clutch, the clutch feels fine from the pedal and nothing is making a noise.

I've done Rangies before and I'm not phazed by the task, just wanted to try and get as much information as possible from others with experience of the Disco. Its good because I was thinking RR and about to remove the seats etc....

Many thanks, Any other input greatly appreciated..

oh I wish I had a four post Ramp, LOL

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Disco 300TDi gearbox removal from under neath as follows - done 4.

before you raise the front of vehicle, remove the bolts behind cyl head & start the two either side,

Drop exhaust at manifold flange.

Disconnect battery.

Remove starter motor

Remove fan top cover, fan itself.

remove turbo air box air hose

Disconnect lower hose outlet from turbo for more hand room

Disconnect one end of top intercooler to inlet manifold pipe

Disconnect one end of top water hose (maybe) to allow engine to rock backwards a little.

Unhook gearbox breather pipes from nearside engine bay bulkhead

Remove clutch slave cylinder from gearbox & push rod, hang out of way with bit of old coat hanger.

Now clean hands thoroughly. . . . .

get in vehicle with a notepad, short & long mdium philips screw driver & a small pair of pliers + battery drill & 7mm bit + small punch + small hammer, 13mm socket on ratchet spanner.


remove centre console.

Ping gear stick base plate off, lift & undo 13mm bolt to unsecure main gear stick.

Unscrew High/Low knob after pinging base-plate.

Remove both stick ends & don't lose bolt.

Remove black c'console rubber sheet.

Empty cubby box

Big phillips screw-driver to undo 2 x screws in cubby box + 2 x screws at front of console.

Ping handbrake gaitor out of console.

Remove clip & pin from handbrake.

Ping elec window facia off + remove 4 screws of button mtg plate.

Unhook wiring connectors from switches.

Make sketch & mark colour positions for reconnection to switches.

Lift h'brake vertically & lift out console & remember to unhook ciggy lighter power before tearing wiring from loom.

Remove sound insulation

Remove 4 screws from around main g'stick & the two round flat washers from stick base.

CAREFULLY drill rivett heads from rubber seal & remove seal.

Gear-box revealed.

Punch out remains of rivets.

From under vehicle - after it is on stands & PROPERLY & SAFELY supported.

Remove front & rear props.

* * * * *Loosen crossmember

* * * * *Loosen gearbox mounts.

don not remove completel yet.

Push an engine crane into passenger door aperture & securely strop the gearbox allowing for the lowering to the ground.

Take the weight of the g'box gently, taking the weight off the mounts, & so it does not drop an inch & bend the input shaft.

With the gear box supported, undo the remaining engine/g'box bolts.

Undo the bolts of the cross member & remove. . . . . It's v' heavy - beware.

lower the gear box 1/2 inch.

Now wiggle the g'box off the engine & lower a few more inches only.

Disconnect the reversing light wiring & the speed sensor for dash clocks.

Lower the box the rest of the way to the ground GENTLY ensuring that the breather pipes are not ripped off. There is a breather for the transfer box & main box.

When refitting, change oil also.

Transfer box has EP85/90

Main box has MTF 94 . . . . cheapo atf fluid will destroy the box rapidly - don't use it.

Refit is the reverse of above.

The whole removal & refit will likely take a day & best done with 2 people - safer & easier.

Hope this says what you need.



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If you take the PTO cover off the back of the transfer case, put the transfer in neutral, start the engine and select 1st gear on the main box, you will be able to see if the drive from the gearbox is being transmitted to the transfer box. If the shaft turns, but the input gear doesn't, then the gearbox has had it and will need replacing-along with an input gear. If the input gear turns, then the transfer box is next. Will it move if you engage difflock?

These two threads are replacing the gearbox on a 200TDi Disco - pretty-much the same job as a 300TDi




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Well I had no problem doing mine on my back from underneath ;) R380 and transfer box in one piece I rachet strapped them to my jack :blink:

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Hi again everyone, quick update..

It was a bit cold today for gearbox playing but I did a couple of hours. Removed the gearbox output main gear, it was OK. Can feel nothing through the gearbox. Ive got the exhaust and props off ready to drop the transfer box next. At least that will make the gearbox managable to drop back and look inside the bell housing.... Looks like a gearbox strip is next.... Thanks for all the input guys.

Thats all I've done though...

F'in cold out there, Brrrrrrrrr

Happy New Year All.

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On 12/30/2008 at 8:53 PM, filthy said:

Disco 300TDi gearbox removal from under neath as follows - done 4.....


Thanks Filthy!
Better than all the youtube videos I found!!!

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