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A/T s BFG or ?????


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Yes and yes.

Cheaper ones are perfectly good, think Kumho 825s or Kumho KL41's for a good tyre at a good price, but I pay the extra and get BFG ATs for the Discovery because I like them, grip well on road, last for ever and never get any punctures. Grabber AT2s look good but I've not used them on any of mine.

I think this is my fourth set between two different Discoverys and I'll be getting more when I wear these out, which should be quite a while yet :)

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I also prefer BFG's so pay that little bit more for them. I find them a great blend of grip, quietness and thier ability to last a long time. I have also never had a puncture in one, even when in Morocco.

You can get 265/75/16 AT's for around £94 a corner if you look around.


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I'd go for BFG from my past exp., i know you cant get trac edge anymore but mine have done 72k so far and are still good. A/Ts to replace them when they go.

What about the BFG Longtrail - Trac edge replacement, anyone trie them?

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hi all

i,m looking to fit new 265/75 A/Ts are any of the cheaper brands any good or is it worth paying £100 a corner for BFGs ?? i use the motor for towing A/ts for site work . cheers for any views

defineitly AT!!!! :lol: nothing to do with the fact I have some for sale, 10R15 on white spokes for the pirce of approx 1.5 corners of what you are willing to pay. :rolleyes:

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