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I have become quite familiar with them over here and share Tony's view that they can be quite serious vehicles in their own right. Think of them as the Land Rover cousins, apply appropriate stereotypes and there you go...

4.0L in line six. Nothing special about it at all in Yank terms, unless of the HO variety, but by Land Rover standards quite a nice petrol powerplant.

Avoid any model with the dreaded Dana 35 C-clip rear axle. Broken half-shaft - not over much stronger than LR 10 splines - means the wheel falls off!!! Whole thing pulls out of the axle casing and you are very unhappy. 33" tyres and any kind of traction device are enough to make it go "ping".

HUGE aftermarket parts options in US for everything from soft tops to quality bolt-on 6" lifts and trick Dana 60 axles (similar to Salisbury in strength but smaller diff casing) including high pinion fronts, to 4:1 transfer cases. Range in trim levels from Defender commercial to high end Disco I type trim in the Sahara models, but can be very noisy/drafty around the windscreen. Coiler models reasonably refined and fairly durable. Leaf sprung models have shackles right up at the tip of the dumb irons which seems a fairly severe design flaw for which there are numerous conversions. Very durable in many respects.

Unless it stands out as better trim and condition than what you would expect of a comparable age/standard Land Rover, I can't see much reason to choose J33p over the latter other than novelty value in the UK. Oh - novelty VALUE may = many squids. Parts can be very expensive outside US - not sure about availability in the UK.

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