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Winch Remote


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I recently bought a 5-pin warn winch for my xd9000i and was testing it yesterday. It was only working about one out of 10 presses and so I measured the resistance and even when closed it is about 2 ohms.

Is there a solution or should I just send it back?



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AFAIK it's just a switch so resistance should be next to nil when the switch is closed, unless somebody knows different. I've not dismantled a Warn one but I have dismantled 2 other sorts and I'd be very surprised if there is supposed to be a resistance in the circuit.

If you connect up the remote to your meter and press the switch and then wiggle it a bit does the resistance vary?

I reckon it's 'cked anyway, unless you've got it wired up wrong (I'm not sure how the 5 pin ones are wired up mine had 4 pins)

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