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Disco Tyres - Are 255 too wide?


What size Tyres on my Disco?  

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  1. 1. BF Goodrich MTs in...

    • 235/85-16
    • 235/70-16
    • 255/70-16

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I thought I had this sorted, but it would turn out not!

I want some MTs for the Disco. :)

I decided that 235/85 was too tall without changing the Transfer Box. So I was going to stick with the 70 Profile.

I have 255/65 ATs on at the moment, so thought sticking with 255s would be good, but it has been suggested the 255 is too wide.

Do I stick with 235/70-16? It might seem a little narrow after the 255s is all?

I am running stock Disco Steel Rims.



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I think that 255s are too wide for most of the off-roading I do. I only have them as I cannot get a tyre as tall in a narrower size. If the 235/85s are too tall - and I can see what you are saying with the 1.2 transfer case - how about something narrower than the 255s and smaller than the 235/85? Is there a 235/75 available? How big is that compared to the 255/70, 255/65 and the 235/85?


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I run 255/70R16 BFG AT's on my Discovery and they are excellent on road and OK off it.

Remember the Discovery is a big heavy tank of a thing so you have more weight to bite in than on something much lighter like a 90. I find mine just ploughs all the time on softish ground, even on the wider tyres, so I would say it would be just about right with them on in harder ground conditions that you would find elsewhere.

I wouldn't put 235/85R16 on as there will be clearance problems and the difference in handling between an /85 section tyre and a /70 section tyre on the road is quite noticeable, tall sidewalls are all wobbly and while this isn't really a problem on a Defender which is all wobbly anyway, on a Discovery where the handling is reasonable, it wouldn't be nice.

I wouldn't hesitate to get the 255 MTs if I was after MT's, but I have the 90 for off road use so it will stay on AT's.

BFG MTs are also available in a 225/75R16 if you really do want something narrower, but personally I think the vehicle looks much better with 255s on not to mention the improvements in on-road grip over the standard 235/70R16 Michelins that most are fitted with.

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