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Carling switches

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Hi there,

I have placed some Carling switches from Mudstuff to my Defender 90.

I have the X-Eng fan controller unit and I have for this used a switch ON-OFF-ON.

Funnily enough, only on the manual override, the tiny red light goes on, so in auto mode I have no visual indication that the auto-mode is on.

Can anyone tell how to get the red light working also on the other ON? What have you guys done to get it working?


Roel, from Belgium

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That depends on the switch. The switches are available with a large variation in the way they are wired. If yours does not have a separate light circuit, you are probably stuck with the way it is working now.

If I understood what you did, you should be able to wire it in to allow the light to come on in both manual and auto. The "OFF" position should be manual off. How about you show us how you have wired it and supply information on the specific switch and we can help.

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Just a thought... the 'auto' mode, the power feed to the switch, is it being switched by the fan switch before it reaches the Carling switch and therefore would only work once the fan switch kicks in?

Again, without knowing how it's wired up it's difficult to diagnose the problem.

Apologies if I am pointing out the obvious there.... :)

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That's exactly what I was thinking Bowie!! The little red light should only glow when the fan is on, therefore if it's a diesel Defender and you leave the switch on auto, you'll hardly ever see the red light as the fan is seldom needed.

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Well, thanks already for the answers!

I shall try to draw a diagram over te next WE, 'cos a mate of mine is mainly working on the wiring...

The note that the red light goes only on under full load is obvious, but will be tested!

Keep you posted!

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This is the reply I got from Mud on my question regarding the switches:


This is something we noticed only recently ourselves. We contacted Carling

and have been informed that is the correct way for the switches to work.

Only one 'on' position will illuminate the warning light. Carling does not

offer an alternative switch that will light the LED on both 'on' positions.


Kevin Baldwin



+44 (0) 1422 881951


Unit 20, Moderna Business Park


Nr Hebden Bridge

West Yorkshire


----- Original Message -----


To: <mud@mudstuff.co.uk>

Sent: Tuesday, February 03, 2009 4:26 PM

Subject: Carling switches

> Dear Miss, Dear Sir,


> I would like to know that the ON-OFF-ON switches have the facility to give

> the red control light on both the ON sides, ie top and bottom.


> Mine seems only to work on the bottom for some odd reason....


> Can you shed some light on this please?


> Thanks already.


> Sincerely,


> R. J

> Belgium


So it seems that there is only one side working and giving that red control light???

Can anyone confirm?

Thanks already!


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