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1987 Classic, Problem with high-beams. Help.


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Whenever the headlight switch is on, the high-beams are on. I no longer have the option of low-beam headlights. I replaced the directional/horn/high-beam control assembly on the steering column with a new one and it did not fix the problem. Is there a relay that i am missing somewhere on the vehicle that controls the high beams. OR is there an area or a bundle that is prone to short circuiting somewhere in this year and model? I live in Morocco and am pretty sure there are no wiring diagrams around for this vehicle. Any suggestions...


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There is no relay it is done from the column switch. The column switch function is to switch the supply from the lighting switch between high or low.

There is also the headlight flash function but this is from fuse 11 and is a continuous supply so if that were at fault then the headlights would be on all the time.

I would say the switch has to be at fault but you say you have already changed that.

Is the fault still there with the column switch unplugged but left almost where it belongs? (Following your short idea)


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And I've just had it on mine with a stop/tail bulb.

Press on the brake pedal with the light switch in the 'OFF' position & all the sidelights lit up.

Checked the bulbs using a battery & no matter which contact you touched, on one of them both filaments lit up.

New bulb, problem solved.

Headlight main/dip beam selection with the column switch on the Classic is a known problem area, I'm on my third switch but each time it has stopped working on one or the other.

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Many thanks for the replies. I've tried your suggestions and the problem remains. i think what i am going to do is; since the left side works perfectly,

i will install new wires from behind the left head-light (near the connector to the bulb) to the right head-light (maybe on top of the cowling). by doing so i hope to pick up the good current and send it to the other side and bypass the short (which appears to be between the high-beam switch on steering column, and the right side head-light).

my only concern is over loading the wires from the high-beam switch to the left-head light as those wires will now be carrying the current for both head-lights.

any comments would be welcome.

again, cheers for the replies!!

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I no longer have the option of low-beam headlights.

I own a 86 classic and had the opposite problem of lights stuck on low beam with no option of high beam.

After checking and replacing bulbs and fuses I used a multimeter between the fuse and the headlight, and wiring was all ok.

Eventully traced it to a dodgy earth wire from the headlight plug, the connection looked fine and the meter showed it was ok until I wiggled the wire.

It had a break and when I cut the wire back it had badly correded.

Dont know if that will help you, but would advise you to check your earthing.

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Quick note to Dengie Boy, paintman, maxtherotti, williamofsussex and steve d. Cheers for your help, i appreciate you taking the time to offer your experience. PROBLEM SOLVED. After trying all of the above suggestions including replacing virtually every light bulb in on the vehicle, i was pulling my hair out and just about to take the vehicle to one of the "not so professional" mechanics here in my city (in North Africa) so i said a quick prayer and asked God for some help, with that i saw what appeared to be a small amount of Grass or hay sticking out from behind the right headlight assembly. So i took it off to find a nice little "house" that had been set up by either a rat or field mice and upon further inspection noticed that the critter destroyed the wiring and made it part of the nest. All kinds of short circuits going on in there. That was a simple fix and everything is back up and operating as it should. Again thanx!!


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