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Steering column lock


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I've just received a steering column lock (part number QRF100870) which I ordered from the LRseries website. I had the option of ordering a pattern part or, the one I ordered, a genuine one. However, I'm convinced that what has been delivered is a pattern part, so with a thirty odd pounds difference between the two, I need to make sure that I'm right in my assumption before I call them on monday and point out the possible error.

I'm assuming that the genuine one is still manufactured by Lucas (or whatever it is they call themselves now) and as such would have lucas and England embossed on the back of the switch, a number in the casting and an aluminum disc with the keys with the key number stamped on it and finally the dead give away would be the box, being either Landrover or Lucas (TRW?) instead of the polystyrene thing it arrived in. The part that I have is devoid of any markings and, the key barrel in particular, looks rather nasty.

So if anyone has any insight on what a recent new genuine one should look like, I'd be most grateful for the information so I can arm myself, just in case.



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Ralph, it came in a polystyrene 'encasement', no cardboard box, nothing to id it at all. In comparison to the original there are many details in its construction that are completely different. I'm 90% convinced this is a pattern part but I thought that I'd try to find out in case I've got it wrong and it is genuine then I can get it fitted this weekend and get the old girl back on the road in time for the snow thats been promised.

It certainly needs changing....a few weeks ago some p*ss poor sub-standard excuses for human kind broke into the Landy and tried stealing it. In the process they smashed the lock but couldn't get the remains of the barrel out so instead they stole my Hi lift, sunglasses and a holdall containing a hide and assorted camo' kit and a butterfly net :huh: . Any way, an engineer was sent to have a look at it by the insurance company and I told him I was quite happy to do the work myself, to which he agreed.

Chris, I don't have any reason to doubt that they won't willingly resolve this but I just wanted some info to confirm or disprove my suspicions beforehand. Either way it looks like its going to be another week before I can get it back on the road, which is a bit of an arse really.


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