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Radiatoer hot at the top cold at the bottom


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Hi all,

Having replaced the headgasket (3 times) and the temp sender, voltage stabiliser, thermostat (82 degrees) and rad cap (10 psi) When the motor has warmed up I find that the temperature reading is in the middle of the red but remains constant there. However, when I stop and lift the bonnet to check if it's boiling up or not the radiator is hot at the top but cold at the bottom. The heater hoses are quite hot and the heater is blowing reasonably warm air. There is some overspill from the haeder tank but I'm not sure if the motor is finding it's own level.

I have trawled through the tech section and have seen some other similar problems but nothing that quite pin-points mine.

Anbody any thoughts on this :(




ps sorry about the spelling of "radiator" in the title but I can't edit it :blush:

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Have you got an accurate thermometer you can dip in the header tank to get a proper reading?

You'd expect the rad to be hot at the top and cold at the bottom, especially in this weather, that's its job.

You could try reverse flushing it, but I would expect boiling if it was significantly blocked.

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