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blanking rear seat / seatbelt holes...?

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hi all,

i'm removing the small 4 rear seats and seatbelts from my 90 at the weekend and wondered what best to do with the holes that this will create? i'm hopefully having a new rear cross member fitted in the next two weeks prior to a respray so i thought i would ask them to weld small patches to cover all the holes. i know this will look messy from underneath.

think gromments will be too flimsy?

any suggestions or what have people done in the past?



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When I took my seats out I had holes about 1 1/2" across due to the dissimilar metal corrosion. :blink:

I opted for a sheet of ali plate over the whole of the top of the wheel box, siliconed around the holes, put down the plate and riveted it into position.

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OR fit some cover plates from 2mm alloy sheet & flush [countersunk] rivet them on & coat with good underseal in wheelarch, or carry out a flush repair by cutting the rot out & inserting a insert/filler plate & a backing plate from underneath or get someone to ally weld new material in.

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